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We have a rigid schedule of checks and updates in place to ensure our information is current and correct, but from time to time we may have missed something or not got it quite right. If you notice a discrepancy with any of the Blue Badge information please use our feedback form HERE to notify us so we can get it rectified for other Blue Badge users. Your support and assistance is always appreciated, thank you.

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Using your Blue Badge in the EU post BREXIT

Using your Blue Badge in the EU post BREXIT

So what should you do if you’re planning on travelling abroad this year with regards to using your Blue Badge in the EU? To make your travel planning easier we have put together a table of all those EU Countries that currently recognise Blue Badges. To read the full...

Blue Badge Scheme Statistics 2020 Published

Blue Badge Scheme Statistics 2020 Published

The latest Blue Badge Scheme statistics for 2020 have been published.  These statistics are derived from the Blue Badge Digital Services (BBDS) online database and are based on the number of badges held as at 31 March 2020. To read the full article click here

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