New Statistics Show Blue Badge Theft up 45%

As parking charges, congestion charges and spaces become more limited thefts of Blue Badges have soared. The Department for Transport recently published figures showing that Blue Badge theft in England has risen by 45% in the last year.

It is considered that by using a Blue Badge in London you can save over £6000 per year on parking, which may go some way to explain the demand for Blue Badges on the Black Market that sell for in the region of £500.

Councils throughout the country have been making some effort to tackle this extensive concern but many councils are still doing nothing or too little. With the news announced this year that the Blue Badge Scheme is set to extend its scope to those with hidden disabilities, there will be an increase in Blue Badges available and it is likely these figures will rise further in the coming year. Phil Talbot of disability charity Scope said: “This steep rise in thefts is shocking. “The police and councils need to ensure they are serving their disabled residents by cracking down on this abuse.”

4,246 blue badges were reported stolen in England in 2017/18 compared with 2,921 in the previous year (dft) all of which were issued by councils who describe the increase as ‘alarming’. That’s a whopping sixfold increase since 2013.

How can you help to prevent the theft of your Blue Badge? You must ensure you only leave your Blue Badge in your vehicle when it is in use and when it is not that it is hidden from view or preferably removed from your vehicle altogether. Alternatively, Blue Badge Protector offers a range of in-car security devices that attach to your steering wheel and secure your Blue Badge from theft. These protectors come in various sizes and can accommodate your timer clock too. For more information follow the link HERE.