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Tough new measures to crack down on those abusing the parking system.


Since January 1st 2012, a new blue badge design that is harder to forge has become available. Previously, the badges were made from cardboard, and handwritten, but disabled drivers can now apply for an electronically printed badge, much like a driving licence.



How to Protect Your Blue Badge!



Despite these measures, police continue to warn blue badge holders’ to be on their guard, as the permits are being stolen and sold on the black market. Thousands of blue badges are stolen from parked cars every year. The initial break-in causes great distress, and it can then take up to six weeks to replace the badges, during which time owners are seriously compromised when parking.

Blue Badge Protector is a simple deterrent and provides effective security for all badge holders. For the past seven years they have been promoted by the Metropolitan Police, helping to reduce blue badge theft. People using the blue badge protector are less likely to have the inconvenience of having their car broken into for the badge, as the protector is a visible deterrent.

In the long term we hope that this will benefit both blue badge holders and councils who until now have spent time and money reissuing stolen badges.

         -Badges are locked into a rigid protector sleeve

            -Flexible, sturdy lock attaches to the steering wheel

            -Visible deterrent saves the mess, distress and expense of a break-in

         -Single (for the badge) or double (for the badge and clock)                   

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